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Why Cheap Vehicle Wrap Is A Bad Idea

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Saving money and budgeting have become popular trends each of us tries to follow recently,  especially before the breaks on holidays and when New Year’s resolutions begin to appear in all spheres of our life. However, in the wrap industry, you should beware of the allure of lower prices and money saved.

We have seen promotions from plastic suppliers showing off unbelievably low prices — some offering chrome vinyl for only $88 per roll. However, quality vinyl wrap film prices are actually up to $2,000 per roll.

This price difference may terrify customers– why is one a lot more affordable than the other? Consequently, it may force them to avoid buying a wrap. But eventually, the rate distinction boils down to quality as well as durability. You get what you pay for.

Firms may charge less for their services, yet they will certainly not withstand time like a quality vinyl and also installation will. Cutting edges on rates can lead to a bad wrap — the product bubbling, peeling or just looking poor. There are additional potential problems to your car itself, consisting of scrapes as well as problems to the body and paint.

Frequently, choosing the less expensive materials will cost you more in the long term because of the cost of substitute and re-installation of the vinyl. What is worse, the companies take advantage of this! If they can hook you with affordable price, then they can also keep you returning (and paying!) for repair work and also rewraps. Even if you get disappointed with your installer and look for another, better business, you will end up paying the expenses you attempted to avoid in the beginning. Therefore, you may find yourself wasting much more money than if you had actually looked for the best quality wrap experience initially.

These problems hurt not only customers, yet the market in general. With scary stories circulating of cheap vinyl and bad installment, people might start to avoid wrapping their vehicles. The wrap market overall can lose money, clients, followers, and reputation, to name a few points.

So overall, while it might appear alluring to seek cheaper alternatives when it pertains to covering your car, it is constantly best to seek the finest quality over most affordable rates. Over time, you will save both money and time.

Colorado Signs has a huge experience in wrapping vehicles – our rates are reasonable and transparent, while our portfolio and customers like Mercedes Benz and Ikea speak for themselves. Have some doubts? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and professional advice!

Getting Your Vehicle Ready To Being Wrapped

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Not many people know that prior to a vinyl car wrap is applied to a car, it should be prepared to achieve and maintain the best result. Usually, this implies cleansing the outside of the car to make certain the vinyl sticks appropriately. Nonetheless, the paint on the car needs to be smooth, due to the fact that vinyl clings to every indentation. If there is corrosion on the car or flakes in its paint, then vinyl may not efficiently disguise it.

Bring Your Car To The Specialists

Before deciding to have a vinyl wrap applied to your car, we recommend bringing your car to the specialists. A  specialist can assess your automobile and also let you understand if the car is appropriate for a vinyl vehicle wrap— for example: if corrosion is in the paint, then the specialist will certainly recommend to eliminate the rust before applying vinyl. She or he might even repair it for you.

A specialist can also get specific measurements of your car, which are used to create templates of your car, and also take photos. By the way, partial covering is also possible in case you want to save some money or stay flexible and change the wrap easily.

Preceding the Wrap

Colorado Signs & Wraps strongly recommend our customers to bring their vehicles in for vinyl wraps pre-cleaned. You can bring your car through an automated car wash or wash it on your own– just make sure your car is clean when you bring it in to us. For better results you may use detergent together with the water. Our team will certainly clean the car one more time prior to using vinyl. We make certain all signs of wax, tar, as well as dust is are completely eliminated.

The Wrap Process

When you bring your car to Colorado Signs for a vinyl wrap, we’ll keep your car for a few days. The installment is done completely dry by laying the vinyl sticker panels on the car with squeegees. We cut the sticker label panels at the edges and heat set the product to ensure appropriate anchoring.

Learn More on Colorado Signs’ Website

Visit Colorado Signs’ website today to get more information about our processes involved in designing and installing vinyl wraps. Bring your car in to see us prior to covering it. This way we will be able to give you understanding whether your car has the can be wrapped. If you’re prepared for wrapping your car, then our team can take measurements of your vehicle and also discuss style ideas. Then, we can create a number of templates for you to pick from.

Call Colorado Signs

Call us at 303-953-7264 or complete our online form if you have any questions or concerns regarding vehicle wraps and also our processes. You are also welcome to check out portfolio to make sure the result you are waiting for is guaranteed.

Car Wraps: Full vs Partial

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There is no more effective and bright solution for your car when it comes to advertising your brand name anywhere, anytime. Attractive vehicle wraps drive the interest of your potential clients and consumers, creating a long-lasting impression. To put it simply, car wraps are  hard to miss. A quality wrap lasts for as long as 5 years, and if you are looking for a powerful tool to shout about your service on a plan, vehicle wraps are your ideal option. This is due to the fact that they are much more inexpensive compared to various other advertising and marketing tools, such as commercials and billboards. What is more, you can choose either full or partial wraps for your vehicles. But what will be the difference?


Full Car Wraps

With full car wraps, vinyl graphics are put on every side of the automobile, including sides, rear, hood and, if permitted by the law, windows.   Nonetheless, full wraps on larger vehicles, such as cargo vans, do not include the roof covering.

Partial Car Wraps

Partial wraps are applied to just a part of the truck, trailer or cars. Normally, partial wraps include art on the rear of the vehicle, partially up the sides, and also on the hood. Some people believe that partial car wraps are not a good choice since they look unfinished. But with Colorado Signs this is not the case. Everything depends on the quality of work done – and this is what we can guarantee you for sure. Partial car wraps are thoroughly designed to ensure that there is an unnoticeable transition between your vehicle’s paint and the vinyl.

Which is better?

With vehicle wraps, both full and partial are good choices; both are very reliable tools for informing your brand name’s story and also getting leads, though both have their own advantages.

Partial wraps are less expensive compared to full ones, and you will have the chance of changing your advertising messages from time to time – for example, before some special events or promotions. Additionally, if you do not want to change the color of your car, partial car wraps are your ideal option. A full wrap, on the  other hand, turns your cars and trucks right into a mobile signboard for your business, and the laminated vinyl is a perfect protectant for your paint job.

Whatever you choose – partial vehicle wraps or full – contact us today and we will help you take your brand to the streets!

How to Protect Your Vehicle Wrap

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For many of us, a car is not just a vehicle or mean of transportation. This is also one of the first and most important assets a person gets which requires thorough maintenance and care. If you want to protect your car from scratches and other problems with its coverage – Colorado Signs knows the answer. A vinyl car wrap is a great alternative, especially compared to spending money on paint touch-ups. While paint can look wonderful at first, it is not a match to the unique and enduring appearance of a vinyl car wrap.

Protect Vehicle Paint

Car wraps offer lots of advantages, specifically to business owners, because they are a very cost-efficient method to brand as well as advertise a service. Among the main worries for cars and truck owners that are making use of vinyl wraps for advertising and marketing is causing damages to the vehicle’s paint. A correctly installed vinyl wrap will certainly not harm the factory paint beneath, but will rather protect the paint from sunlight, small scratches, and also dings from rocks and other particles.

How to Protect Your Vehicle Wrap

In order for a vinyl car wrap to function as it should, it has to be well maintained. Here are a few of the important things that can be done to protect a vehicle wrap and raise its lifespan:


Among the very best methods to properly look after a vinyl car wrap is to clean it regularly. All you have to do is simply get rid of the grime, dust, dirt, and other contaminants before they stick to  the vinyl covering. When cleaning a car wrap, it is best to wash it manually because making use of stiff brushes and powerful jet sprays can peel off or damage the wrap. Make sure to utilize a soft fabric to prevent scraping the wrap’s surface, as well as to utilize chemical and alcohol-free cleaning agents.


Wrapped vehicles can be waxed and polished in the same way as other car’s surface; however, it is necessary to keep in mind that the vinyl wrap can be easily damaged by abrasive polishes. If you have no idea just what sort of products you should use or avoid, Colorado Signs  will be glad to help you choose the ideal product to keep your car shiny.

Keeping Your Car In Shade

Sunlight exposure could speed up the deterioration of vinyl wraps. This suggests that it is always a good idea to keep your vehicle in shade or cover when it is not in use. If you do not have accessibility to an undercover car park area, think about covering the vehicle with a thick cloth that will serve as a barrier against the harsh sunlight, especially in summer.
Vehicle wraps are quite practical since your organization already uses a van, trailer or any other type of vehicle. Wraps are easy to take care of and don’t require big expenses. If you haven’t made up your mind yet – call our professionals to ask for advice.

To Paint Or To Wrap Your Vehicle?

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When it comes to advertising and marketing for your business on your vehicle or changing its color, many people think simple repainting of the car or truck will do the job. This is a huge misconception – wrapping has actually become increasingly more popular among cost effective and also eye catching kind of advertising and marketing. Not just are vinyl wraps a lot more aesthetically pleasing, they are extra budget friendly, have a shorter setup time, are more long lasting as well as have extra possibilities.


The cost of a repaint work can be anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to $10,000, depending on the type of paint job that you want done. An automobile wrap costs around $3,000, a one-time expense that will last for many years to come.

Vinyl wraps additionally positively impact the price of your car’s resale worth. If you decide to sell your car, a vinyl wrap will certainly protect the original paint of your car. On the other hand, if you had your vehicle repainted, you can only actually sell it to people who like the shade of your car. But it may take more time. With a wrap, you could eliminate the cover and still have the original paint which will certainly allow you to sell to a wider range of people.

Installation Time

A new paint work can take up to two weeks since it includes not just painting as it may seem, but also preparation, sanding, priming and so on. With vinyl wraps, the installment procedure can take two days or much less, depending on the size of the wrap that you want set up. Nobody wants to spend so much time waiting for the vehicle they actually need. Vinyl wraps will certainly get you back on the road in no time with a beautifully wrapped car.



Wraps are more durable when it concerns protecting the exterior of your truck or automobile. Think of it, when you are driving on the road and a rock suddenly hits your vehicle, generally you can see exactly where it happened. With vinyl wraps, your original paint beneath will stay shielded.

The shades that get on your vinyl wrap will stay as clear as well as vibrant as the day you first needed to wrap installed. Colorado Signs&Wraps print wraps on 3M certified vinyl which drives away UV sun rays and shields the shades of your plastic wrap. We have completed thousands of Denver vehicle wraps and truly deliver high quality wrap services to our customers.

Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Vinyl wraps are additionally ideal to advertise for your business or solutions. You want your firm to attract much more attention than your competitors? With all the many different cars as well as business that are out there on the road advertising, you wish to be able to connect to as many potential customers as you can amidst all the other companies out there. Automobile wraps could be really useful for your business and also aid your brand get recognized.

The Possibilities are Endless

Whether you just want to change the color of your vehicle or add super cool decals, vinyl wraps are the way to go! You pick the design and the colors and leave the rest to Colorado Signs&Wraps professionals! Contact us today for additional information on our services. We would love to learn more about the type of signage or graphics you are looking for.

Vehicle Wrap As The Best Advertising Method In Colorado

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So you have actually done all the job that it takes to get an organisation working: you’ve hired every one of your workers, you have actually offered training, you hired seasoned developers and experienced installers. Now all you need is one last crucial information: clients. Firms invest hundreds of dollars on marketing every month yet frequently they fail to remember one budget-friendly method to get to consumers: customized car wraps. They essentially sell themselves and also they absolutely pay for themselves after a really short time. If you have an interest in reaching potentially thousands of viewers in a short time, then getting a wrap for your vehicles from Colorado Signs & Wraps is a must!

Lorry covers and also other outdoor media play a substantial role in the media mix because it gets to consumers that are missed out on by other media. Outside marketing gets to people who are not exposed to papers, regional television, the radio, as well as the Internet. Take into consideration the American that has heavy vehicle mileage and long commutes. You likely won’t have the ability to promote to them through the regional paper, however you will certainly have the ability to promote to them with a properly designed car wrap that catches their eye.

In addition, research studies have actually shown that customers that are gotten to repeatedly with a message will have higher marketer recognition of that brand, they’ll have the ability to remember your brand name, as well as it’s likely that they’ll call for your product or services when they require them. Vehicle wrapping provides business with an outstanding possibility to reach commuters on the highways as well as city streets. Think of it: every traffic is a wonderful advertising and marketing chance!

Lorry advertising and marketing through personalized vehicle wraps is just one of the most effective types of advertising and marketing on the marketplace today. Actually, one auto cover could gather between 30,000 as well as 70,000 impacts in someday. In today’s affordable, loud atmosphere, it’s not easy to develop brand recognition using easy, conventional advertising and marketing methods. In today’s marketplace, you need to be out of the common to capture somebody’s eye.

Personalized car wraps have numerous benefits that are often forgotten or never ever thought about. Have a look at these customized car wrap facts below from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

  • Automobile advertising and marketing could be one of the most efficient as well as reliable type of outdoor advertising, reaching even more customers at a reduced Cost Per Thousand Impressions than any other form of advertising.
  • More than 95% of Americans are gotten to by car marketing that targets drivers and travelers.
  • The average American has driven 302 miles in the previous 7 days.
  • One personalized car wrap could create between 30,000– 70,000 impressions daily.

More than convincing, isn’t it? Colorado Signs & Wraps  can be your reliable partner in getting more customers every day. Colorado Signs, a 3M certified graphic Installation Company, has nearly 2o years of experience in the industry. We use the industries best films, inks, printers, equipment, and practices to produce wraps that last. Call us for more information or upload your own image to know how it would look like on your vehicle.

How do Vehicle Wraps Help Non-Profits In The Local Community?

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Vehicle graphics support a wide range of industries, including non-profit organizations in the community. In fact, the advertising budget for a charity or non-profit organization could be small or even non-existence at times. With this being the case of many young and smaller nonprofits, an organization wants every dollar going directly to their cause. That is where a vehicle wrap comes in handy. You will be surprised how a little visibility could go a long way in promoting your non-profit organization. On the other hand, vehicle wraps average out to pennies a day and last for many years – which offers a non-profit organization unbeatable value in the process. One of the many reasons to consider vehicle wraps when advertising your non-profit organization.


The quality of a vehicle wrap can contribute to the success of a non-profit organization over time. These wraps usually stand out in traffic. But what happens when the vehicle is parked? Most people think that a vehicle wrap does nothing to promote the charity when the car is parked in front of their office. But it is a wrong notion since most of the charity organizations are located along a busy downtown street or major highway. When they park their wrapped vehicles in front of the offices, heads turn to take a look at the activities displayed on the vinyl. In fact, a short text is enough to get their message across. The example, “Helping Feed Local Children” can draw eyes and get people to recognize your brand and become curious about your cause.


Another significant advantage of a vehicle wrap is the long life of the vinyl. A vehicle wrap for a non-profit organization is considered a long-term investment at an affordable cost. The exposure you get from such advertising is worth more than the cost of it. In fact, you have plenty of time to build awareness within the community with a vinyl wrap. A good vehicle wrap can last for more than five years when properly cared for. Vehicle wraps are visually compelling since they include graphic elements such as photographs. It is a great opportunity for you to use an emotional imagery to highlight the underlying message of your charity cause. Images of kids, pets, animals, and similar photos will create a stronger impact by drawing more eyes to the advertisement.


Vehicle wraps are quite practical since your organization already uses a van, trailer or any other type of vehicle. You lose nothing by wrapping the vehicle with a compelling message and image to promote the cause of your charity. You can see all of our services here.

History of the Vehicle Wrap

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Military Wrap

Military Wrap

Often times we become so familiar with something, yet know nothing about the history of how it came to be.  We feel this is the case with a vehicle wrap. As the popularity of these thin films continue to expand, we thought we would offer up a little history on how they came to be.

Vinyl films can be applied to many surfaces. There are specific types of films that are best for vehicle application. The curves and contours of a vehicle are quite different from a wall or flat surface. Vehicles are exposed to weather, external elements and more. All that being said, there have been continuous improvements and product innovations to bring the vehicle wrap to wheret it is today….

Although vinyl itself was accidentally discovered (or invented) in the 1920’s, the production cost did not make much sense until the 1980’s. As the product cost went down, the experimentation of what you could do with it increased.

It all started with the taxi in Germany in the early 1990’s.  Up until the 1990’s the only real and obvious option for changing the color or branding a vehicle was a good old paint job. That all changed when Kay Premium Marketing Films was asked to produce a film that could turn a car into a taxi.

Taxi’s, by German law, were required to be completely beige in color. Again, painting was the only obvious option and solution….well at least if you wanted to be a legal taxi driver in Germany. However, painting these taxi’s the boring beige color posed a problem later down the road when one sought to resell the Taxi.

KPMF produced a film that could be applied to an entire vehicle (or taxi). This film could then be removed 3 years later and restore the vehicle back to it’s pre wrap condition.

The first commercial wrap is stated to have been made for a Pepsi Bus in 1993. From there commercial wrap advertising began to spread quit rapidly. Although these new commercial wraps were popular and rewarding for business, difficulties were discovered. These problems had to do with adhesion and air pockets under the vinyl, which affected the longevity and appearance of the wrap.

Innovators, like 3M, began to advance and develop technology to transform early vehicle vinyl films into durable, long lasting, high quality films. Aside from solving the air bubble problem, proprietary manufacturer blends allowed for better conformability.

Continued advancements in both films and printing equipment have brought vehicle wraps to were they are today. As the vehicle wrap began to evolve as the way to to change the color of a vehicle and even add company graphics and logos, so did the demand for better equipment. Printers are a big part of a commercial advertising wrap. The advancement of large format printers have expanded what you are able to do do with a vehicle wrap.

The products, materials, and equipment use to produce a vehicle wrap, whether color change or graphic wrap are extremely important in the overall quality and life span of the vehicle.

Colorado Signs, a 3M certified graphic Installation Company, has nearly 2o years of experience in the industry. We use the industries best films, inks, printers, equipment, and practices to produce wraps that last.

Have a question or need an estimate on a vehicle wrap? Send us an email, or give us a call. We are happy to provide you  with the most up to date information.



Why Wrap My Vehicle?

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Why Wrap My Vehicle?

Vehicle wraps are becoming more and more popular, whether one seeks to brand their business or their personal style. There are many benefits and reasons why wrapping  your car, truck, van or fleet of vehicles brings you value. Vinyl film manufacturers have revolutionized the industry, developing films that can be installed on a number of applications, including airplanes and boats. These films offer an environmentally and cost friendly solution to transforming a vehicle specific to ones needs. One of the best aspects of a wrap is that should you want to remove it, or change out designs or information, you can do just that!

We work with many business owners and have wrapped our fair share of business vehicles. A commercial wrap is literally a mobile billboard. You are able to turn your auto into a powerful marketing and branding tool that several thousands of people are able to see on a daily basis. As you or your employees commute throughout Denver, or anywhere in Colorado, your business can be seen by people you may have not reached otherwise.  Display your phone number and website and allow people to contact you just from seeing your wrapped vehicle on the road.  A vehicle wrap is a powerful marketing tool for your business and offers a great return on investment.

Beyond the marketing and business branding aspects that a commercial wrap offers, they are also cost effective. If you were to do the same thing on your vehicle that you can do with a vinyl wrap, but with paint, you will end up spending a lot more money. The cost effectiveness of a wrap, along with the marketing benefits, and removal ease, make wrapping your vehicle an option worth exploring.

It is important that when choosing to wrap your vehicle the company that you choose to work with is not just looking to cut corners, but to provide a successful long term solution. Vehicles are different then flat surfaces, being they have curves and contours. The quality of the wrap and install depends on the know how and expertise of the designer and installer. This will ensure the longevity, durability, removability, and seamless installation of your wrap.

Colorado Signs is dedicated to the highest quality of work in all that we do, from vehicle wraps to DI-NOC architectural finishes. Our 10,000 square foot work space, vehicle wrap experience, 3M Certified graphics Installation, and owner operated company guarantee every job we perform.

We encourage you visit our resource center to learn more, or reach out with any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading!