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Vehicle Wraps

Car Wrap Removal Information

Can Car Wraps Be Removed?

The car wrap removal process is one of the most common questions we get from our clients. The answer is: YES! Car wraps can be removed without damaging the original paint on your vehicle. Colorado Signs and Wraps professionals are happy to remove any car wrap when it is not longer being used!

Car Wrap Removal Process

The most important thing to remember when starting the vehicle wrap removal process is that wraps cannot be removed at home. The process needs to be done by professionals who have been trained and know how to complete the process.

If the car has been wrapped in high-quality vinyl, removal should be fairly simple. The most common way to remove car wraps is with a heating element, such as heat guns. Heat guns are used to “melt” the adhesive that holds the car wrap to the vehicle. Once it is heated to the correct temperature, the vinyl is pulled back slowly, being sure not to tug or yank at the wrap. This can cause unwanted damage to the vehicle.

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How Long Does It Take To Remove A Car Wrap?

Removing a car wrap properly usually takes about 1 to 2 days in best-case scenarios. However, the process may take longer based on factors including:

  • Length of time car wrap has been on: The longer a war wrap has been on a vehicle, the harder it will be to remove. The lifespan of car wraps is usually around 5 years. Any longer than that may make it more difficult to remove.
  • Whether or not primer was used during installation: Using a primer for a car wrap is a huge no-no! Primers can make it nearly impossible to get a car wrap off cleanly. Primer is used by inexperienced or unprofessional installers who try to save some time by “sealing” the vinyl on to the corners of vehicles. This primer can cause the vinyl and laminate of the car to separate during removal, which leaves behind residue that is very difficult to remove.
  • The type of vinyl on the vehicle: Unfortunately, using cheap vinyl is not a good long-term decision when it comes to removing a car wrap. Cheap vinyl is notorious for leaving behind residue. At Colorado Signs and Wraps we only use the highest-quality car wraps that will not leave residue when removed.
  • Original starting surface: The vinyl used at Colorado Wraps and Signs is specifically designed to cover factory-direct paint. If the paint on the car is aged significantly or has been altered, it is not recommended to be wrapped if you would like to have it back in the same condition after removal. An uneven or old start surface may lead to residue marks.
car wrap removal information

A heat gun is an essential part of the car wrap removal process

When to Have A Car Wrap Removed

If the car wrap has been on for 5 years or longer, it is probably a good idea to get it removed to ensure that the original paint will not be damaged. In some cases it is a good idea to have the wrap removed after damage, such as an accident. At Colorado Signs & Wraps we keep all artwork indefinitely.  In the unfortunate event of an accident, we can reprint any portion necessary but do keep in mind, that due to aging, colors may not match perfectly for the reprinted piece/section.

How Much Does A Car Wrap Removal Cost?

As each car wrap is highly individual, it is best to call the car wrap company to get a quote on removal. Prices can vary from $1000 to $2500 or more depending the size of the car, the labor needed to get the wrap removed, or the difficulty of removal.


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