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Vehicle Wraps

Car Wraps: Full vs Partial

By September 19, 2018September 23rd, 2018No Comments

There is no more effective and bright solution for your car when it comes to advertising your brand name anywhere, anytime. Attractive vehicle wraps drive the interest of your potential clients and consumers, creating a long-lasting impression. To put it simply, car wraps are  hard to miss. A quality wrap lasts for as long as 5 years, and if you are looking for a powerful tool to shout about your service on a plan, vehicle wraps are your ideal option. This is due to the fact that they are much more inexpensive compared to various other advertising and marketing tools, such as commercials and billboards. What is more, you can choose either full or partial wraps for your vehicles. But what will be the difference?


Full Car Wraps

With full car wraps, vinyl graphics are put on every side of the automobile, including sides, rear, hood and, if permitted by the law, windows.   Nonetheless, full wraps on larger vehicles, such as cargo vans, do not include the roof covering.

Partial Car Wraps

Partial wraps are applied to just a part of the truck, trailer or cars. Normally, partial wraps include art on the rear of the vehicle, partially up the sides, and also on the hood. Some people believe that partial car wraps are not a good choice since they look unfinished. But with Colorado Signs this is not the case. Everything depends on the quality of work done – and this is what we can guarantee you for sure. Partial car wraps are thoroughly designed to ensure that there is an unnoticeable transition between your vehicle’s paint and the vinyl.

Which is better?

With vehicle wraps, both full and partial are good choices; both are very reliable tools for informing your brand name’s story and also getting leads, though both have their own advantages.

Partial wraps are less expensive compared to full ones, and you will have the chance of changing your advertising messages from time to time – for example, before some special events or promotions. Additionally, if you do not want to change the color of your car, partial car wraps are your ideal option. A full wrap, on the  other hand, turns your cars and trucks right into a mobile signboard for your business, and the laminated vinyl is a perfect protectant for your paint job.

Whatever you choose – partial vehicle wraps or full – contact us today and we will help you take your brand to the streets!

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