Wall Wrap

Why You Need Wall Wrap For Your Business

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You can produce a unique area dedicated to your brand name’s vision with a customized wall. Researches have revealed that you can produce a more efficient and inspirational place for your workers. Accent walls are an excellent investment in the framework of your service, but they additionally provide a quick service to hiding a dingy, unfinished and also worn out walls. They can be quickly changed if they become damaged or defaced. Not just that, it is one of the most versatile layout options available to you. You can print absolutely anything on your wall making use of these accents. Do you want Japanese personalities for your fusion restaurant? A showcase of local musicians for your tattoo parlor? Let’s explore a number of factors a customized wall wrap is the ideal style option for any type of company.

1. Add Warmth and Life to a Location on Short Notice with a Custom Wall Wrap

If you are a new business in a location, it is so vital for you to create a welcoming and also congenial atmosphere with every part of your design. However, occasionally your space can look a little thin as well as threadbare in its early days. A wall wrap is so fast to apply that you can resemble an intense and also well-established location as soon as possible.

2. Fill Waiting Rooms with a Sense of Calm

Any kind of waiting room can be an area of a bit of anxiety. It doesn’t matter if you’re waiting to consult with a medical professional, dental expert, or banker. The ideal wall accent can develop a relaxing environment and make the wait a bit easier. This is a subtle detail that can do more than you may expect to provide a much better consumer experience.

3. Reimagine Your Space with Durable, but Easily-Replaced Designs

When you utilize a custom-made wall wrap for your home, you obtain an opportunity to change your area as often as you want. While these premium designs will stay tidy, smooth as well as bright on your surface area, once you need to change it, this can be finished with no difficulty. It’s an affordable way to allow the brand name to evolve as your company expands and also progresses.

Contact Colorado Signs & Wraps

If you are the owner of a new business, or if you have actually lately moved to a new place, you can establish yourself with a wall accent wrap designed absolutely any way you like from Colorado Signs. Colorado Signs provides a vast majority of commercial graphics. From POP displays, to general signage, & banners. We can help with all your projects, and events. Contact us at Colorado Signs today for additional information on our services. Whether its vehicle wraps, signs, banners or sign installation, we want to make sure we take care of your needs.

DI-NOC Cleaning Tips

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Recently, the Colorado Signs team has finished a great project – 9,000 SQFT of DI-NOC were installed for Mercedes Benz. That’s a one more argument why DI-NOC architectural finishes are so popular – because you can cover a great deal of space and save both money and environment. Taking into account the growing popularity of DI-NOC, we have prepared a list of cleaning tips to make your surfaces always look brand-new.

DI-NOC Cleaning Tips

1.Remove any stains as quickly as possible. If certain materials remain too long, it may cause permanent discoloration.

2.Colorado Signs recommends that you do not spray wall covering with a protective coating, such as wax. This can cause discoloration.

3.Begin cleaning at the bottom of the wall covering and work up, always wiping with the seams, usually up and down.

4.Always use clean, soft materials to wash and dry your wall covering. The best method is to use warm water and a mild detergent. A sponge is recommended for washing, followed by a clean, lint-free cloth to dry.

5.Try cleaning materials in an inconspicuous location before cleaning the entire area.

6.Avoid using abrasive cleaners such as steel wool or powdered cleaners which can damage the surface of your vinyl di-noc covering.

7.It is also not recommended to use solvent-type cleaning preparations such as nail polish remover, tar and bug removers and other harsh chemicals. When using them, the risk to remove print and/or finish from the wall covering is quite high. Moreover, it will reduce or eliminate permeability of perforated wall covering.

As you can see, there’s nothing really difficult nor special about maintaining DI-NOC architectural finishes.

DI-NOC architectural finishes have the flexibility and affordability to transform a room while meeting your budget. You can add DI-NOC to any surface, including walls, columns, tabletops, doors, ceilings. The unique DI-NOC designs offer the warmth of wood grain, sleek feel of metal, cool of natural stone and hundreds of other designs.

If you’re thinking about renovating your space and don’t want to spend a lot, this is the best solution. Contact Colorado Signs for more information and we will take care of your needs.


Creative Floor Decals For Your Business

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Floor is one of the most underestimated locations for advertisements and marketing campaigns. While billboards, windows graphics and vehicle wraps can be seen everywhere, creative stickers and floor decals are not so usual and that’s why attract more intention. The main thing here is to use this advantage wisely. Here are a few ideas from Colorado Signs you could consider or call us and our designers will think of new opportunities to grow the number of your customers.

Intrigue Your Potential Customers

Footprints are usual, but effective way to make use of floor marketing to guide consumers to a certain location or item. Depending on how you look at it, there is something either happily poetic or mysterious about following a route. In any case, footprint floor graphics are highly engaging. If the first set goes unnoticed, the second or third will definitely get pedestrians asking themselves, “Where does that lead?”

An additional way in which floor graphics can involve your clients is by wonderfully carrying them to a location of your service. Use floor marketing to set the scene for an impressive getaway and let your customers’ creativities do the rest. Take into consideration floor sticker advertising ideas that use smart positioning and an element of escapism, specifically where there isn’t much else for your customers to be looking at. Waiting areas are the excellent location for your customers to ponder your floor stickers. Mass transit is another terrific location for a floor advertisements.

The 2D nature of a floor sticker does not hinder 3D effects. Making imaginative use perspective, a floor decal can look like if it were popping out at your consumers. Done appropriately, the result can be visually fantastic. Not to mention, floor advertisements can be extremely interesting. Bid farewell to the situation when customers are walking by your message without even noticing it. With innovative floor sticker advertising, your customers will certainly make a point to walk right through them.

Make People Want To Take A Picture

The strong trend of taking pictures of everything you see and sharing it through different social networks doesn’t seem to pass away. Along with the selfie, there is no denying that people commonly take photos of their feet. This is very little of a surprise given that their phones and interest tend to be pointed in that general direction to begin with, yet this trend does bode well for your floor sticker advertisements. A combination of brilliant placement and the right shoes for your customer can lead to plenty of likes and shares. Smart floor sticker ideas are ripe for sharing! Think about using floor decals that are very attractive as well as appealing, and it might be photographed and shared even further. This way, people will be promoting your service willingly, effectively and totally for free.

There are a lot of outstanding, yet expensive type of advertisements – from aerial banners to remarkable bill boards. But given that the typical consumer’s vision isn’t oriented upwards, these top-level advertising and marketing strategies may be on their way out. Floor advertising with decals makes creative use of the high traffic spaces we too often take for given. The floor we walk on might be the next great frontier for  your marketing campaign. Give us a call to find out more about floor decals!

Should I Get A New Vehicle Wrap?

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Besides being extra efficient advertising solution, vehicle wraps are also known for their durability with the lifespan that can last for up to 7 years with proper maintenance. On the other hand, we all know that nothing lasts forever and it applies to vehicle wraps as well. Some of the most top-level and also effective ad campaigns begin to bother target markets eventually. However, it could be challenging to recognize when your cars and trucks wrap has played itself out and also needs update desperately. With this in mind, here are some sure signs that your vehicle wrap should be changed.


The appearance of your vehicle wrap is the most visible and obvious signs that it has to be changed. If your commercial vehicles spend a lot of time on the road, the impact of sun and rain is inevitable. Take a careful look at the wrap and pay special attention to bumper and lower areas. If you notice scratches, signs of peelings and that the color of the wrap doesn’t look bright anymore, it’s definitely time to change it.

Your Wrap Has Outdated Terms

Language changes  in a blink. Some terms that were all-round a couple of years back have already become obsolete and chances are that your cars wrap still incorporates these expressions. For sure, some slogans are legendary, but it’s never redundant to rethink what message you want to take to your potential customers. Moreover, if the wrap contains any information about how people can contact you – whether a phone number or website – it may be irrelevant if you have changed any of it.

Your Wrap Doesn’t Fit Your Present Business Direction

As your business transforms, your branding must transform with it. If you have actually gone in a different direction in your organisation since creating your ad, such as relocating into a brand-new market or broadening your service area, your vehicle wrap might need to be upgraded to reflect these exciting changes. Our designers at Colorado Signs will help your business to show who you are and stand out of the crowd.

Old-fashioned Design

Unless you count on nostalgia, having a vehicle wrap that does not follow the concepts of just how advertisements presently look may stand out in all the worst ways. While some parts of your vehicle wrap may be classic, such as an iconic logo, other elements ranging from fonts to images may date your campaign badly. Analyze your competitors as well as popular brands to see what’s going on on the market and how they grab people’s attention.


Do you think it is time to change your vehicle wrap? Then do not hesitate to contact our professionals at Colorado Signs. We have worked with such companies as IKEA and Papa John’s and will definitely create the best wrap for your vehicles!

Window Wraps

4 Tips To Maximize Your Windows Graphics Impact

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When you are trying to find ways to improve your sales, lots of people forget one of the most noticeable properties you need to make use of– your windows!
Utilizing window graphics successfully can be a wonderful as well as inexpensive way of grabbing prospective consumers’ interest and increasing foot traffic to your shop.
So just how do you make the most of this asset and possibility? How can you really maximize the benefits? Well, listed below are top five suggestions from Colorado Signs.

1. Put Yourself In The Position Of The Customers

The most essential point you could do, is to genuinely try to understand your clients. Or your potential clients.
Go outside your shop. Imagine yourself a stranger strolling by. Where are they going? What are their problems? What kind of things might they be interested in?
Do people tend to be wandering, or in a hurry? Is your business located in the city centre or on a calm street?  Are they searching for ideas, something to make them laugh?
And, even better, speak with people. Instead of just imaging, while you’re outside, interact with people and be the first to listen. This is where the best concepts and options originate from.

2. A Single Focus

When you’ve undergone a procedure of interacting with your clients and recognize their needs and demands, you could be left with a lot of information to digest.
There might be a great deal of problems or questions, that you could focus on fixing. And you could have a lot of things within your shop that could be practical to them, if they only knew.
But you have to be careful. Bear in mind, this isn’t really concerning telling them EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO … this is about capturing their attention and also revealing them ONE THING that would cause them to stop on their way, go in and see it with their own eyes.
Additionally, it’s always worth taking the time at this stage to sort out all the insights and also info about your clients, to identify the thing you’re most likely to speak with them about. This should be the issue or area of need  that you believe will be one of the most impactful.

3. Strong And Attractive Layouts

When designing the window graphics, it’s essential that you’re visualizing every element of the passer-by’s experience.
You need strong, captivating designs that do not just look as great as an image on a display, yet help your potential audience, capturing their focus no matter where they are going.
However, strong design doesn’t mean that you should bring too much into it. First and foremost, the message you deliver should be clear. Make sure you balance visual appeal with being practical. For example, the text should always be at the right eye level, aligned and do not blend with the background. Be also very careful when choosing the color scheme since each shade  has something a little different to say. It is proved that green makes people think of nature and environment, while red causes stormy emotions like passion or anger. Yellow, on the other hand, is associated with the sun and creates a feeling of happiness, and light blue is more calming and passive.

4. Live Up To Promises

Once the final graphic has been selected, sent to print and your installation date is verified, the majority of people believe their work’s already done and they can sit back and relax. However, it’s not time yet.

Your window graphics may look fantastic (at least, if done together with Colorado Signs), but does your office or store deliver the same message?  Your sign or window graphic is a powerful tool to bring people through the door for the first time, yet it’s their indoors impression will determine if they turn into a one-off or returning customer.

Whether the graphics highlight a special deal on price, an exclusive product or exceptional service you provide your customers with, you should live up to those promises.
Contact Colorado Signs to build a new impression and extend your customer network today!

3 Main Reasons To Get Wall Wraps For Your Business

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When we recommend businesses to set up vehicle wraps and window graphics, the reasons are usually pretty obvious. Exterior advertising is a guaranteed method to create presence and brand name acknowledgment within your community and potential customers. But have you ever thought about graphics inside your office like a wall wrap? There’s a high risk that your competitors have already installed them in the office and now have more returned customers. Why? Keep reading to find the answer.

3 Main Reasons To Get Wall Wraps For Your Business

A picture is worth 1000 words

it is not said in vain that it is better to see once than to hear one hundred times. A wall wrap is a great canvas for attracting customers’ attention. Our large format printers that we use at Colorado Signs and Wraps can produce photo realistic, high resolution pictures for wall surfaces of all sizes. A wall wrap becomes an immediate way to create an atmosphere you want in your lobby or conference room. You could also make use of a wall wrap with an evocative or emotional photo to tell the story of your brand. Even something as simple as a large format version of your logo makes a huge statement concerning your dedication to your brand and your business.

Looks matter

Of course, it’s never very wise to go by appearances if we are talking about a person. However, judging a service basing on the appearance of its workplace or retail space could be very sensible. Installing a wall wrap is a terrific way to convey the idea that your business respects detail as well as presentation. Just have a look at IKEA – recently Colorado Signs and Wraps has installed few dozen of wall wraps or them (you can check it on our Facebook page). When customers see your wonderfully developed wall wrap it can truly build their feeling of self-confidence in your brand.

Workers Motivation

There’s a factor that cool companies like Facebook as well as Google have outstanding work spaces– it makes the working process much more pleasant and creates the feeling of belonging to one great  community. function much more fun! Set your employees free from the boring white or beige wall surfaces with a colorful and innovative wall wrap. Adding a bit of a color and life to your workplace walls will definitely motivate them to come to work with pleasure and boost their productivity.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? In a today’s competitive environment it’s impossible to underestimate the power and importance of communication with a client and wall wraps is one of its means. Want to find more? Contact us now!

Advantages of 3M DI-NOC Architectural Films

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DI-NOC is a wood-grain sheet vinyl which began to gain popularity in the 90’s. Due to its ability to stick to virtually any kind of existing surface, DI-NOC became the most often used for  re-furbishing and re-covering existing areas. Recently Colorado Signs & Wraps provided and installed 3M dinoc film for a retirement community center which we are very proud of. 6,000 sqft of wall covering adding the final touch of class. Check it on our Facebook page to see how actually great it looks!

By now,  DI-NOC has progressed considerably and is offered around the world for numerous types of residential, commercial and institutional applications both indoors and outdoors.

What is 3M DI-NOC Vinyl?

3M DI − NOC vinyls are long lasting, cleanable, versatile PVC films that utilize modern 3M’s Comply Adhesive air release technology, for quick and easy application without any bubbles. The films have exceptional flexibility and adhesion due to which they can be used indoors or outdoors on flat or complex curved substrates, walls, furniture, fixtures, and so on. Some of the films can also be put on three-dimensional surfaces and/or thermoformed. That’s why they are excellent for both new building construction and remodeling.

Advantages of 3M DI-NOC Architectural Films

Large Selection: Over 700 various patterns to select from providing you the utmost design creative control. Besides, there is a wide range of product categories from wood grain and concrete to leather, marble, metallic and so much more!

Quick and easy installation: With real Denver 3M DI-NOC professionals it is easy to minimize turn-around time and get your service back on track immediately! Moreover, you don’t have to deal with a mess after installation.

Cost-effectiveness: You can save substantial amount of money by using existing substrates to  re-purpose existing components, wall surfaces and furniture. With appropriate and regular cleanings, these films can stay in a tip-top condition for a long time.

Sustainability: Since DI-NOC architectural finishes are produced from polyolefin, not trees, they help to reduce the cutting down of rare woods by providing an authentic, natural look.  or metal-bearing ores. As an eco-friendly building product, they are installed fast, with much less probability of mistake or waste.

When To Use 3M DI-NOC?

If you are thinking about renovation, lightweight 3M DI-NOC film is the best material. It can be applied to almost any surface pretty easily, decreasing labor and material expenses. Due to it resemblance to natural materials, you create a whole new look without compromising on aesthetics.

For brand-new building and construction you may prefer using wood, metal or stone. However, you can choose them for distinct areas. In the meantime, think about applying DI-NOC architectural finishes everywhere else. This way, you will minimize your expenses and time needed for installation while still keeping the aesthetic and durable appearance you desire.

Colorado Signs & Wraps are commercial printers and a 3M certified graphic installer. The product line allows for exponential creativity. If you have questions or wish to see samples, please contact us and explore what these films can do!

acrylic sign

Is It Time For Your Business To Change Your Sign?

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There’s no question that an eye-catching sign can help your business stand apart from the competitors and also distinguish you from others in your area. Every couple of years, it’s recommended to reconsider location, lighting, materials and also phrasing when it comes to the focus area of your business. While it requires some investment, creative and durable sign is one  of the most cost-efficient forms of advertising because this is the first thing your visitors and customers will see. Business owners and entrepreneurs are all very busy people so it could be very easy to lay your sign on a shelve. However, your clients as well as potential customers will certainly pay attention to it. If it’s been a few years, it’s time to look at your sign with a critical eye.


When picking an area for your sign, always remember about its readability. Can your potential notice and what is more important read what your business is ready to offer them? Usually people prefer driving to walking so you want them to read a sign from a long distance. Remember that your sign must be larger depending on how far from the roadway your service lies. Don’t worry if you’re having problem imagining something so huge– that’s what we’re here for!

Brand Promise

Most notably, your sign should serve a function. If your business is not a household name, your signage should define just what your business does. If you consistently observe people walking around without buying anything and seem lost – maybe they just don’t clearly understand where are they and what you can offer. This is what the sign is for – to represent your brand promise. It should convey the high standards of your business and your differentiation from your competitors.


Finally, when getting a new sign, or replacing an old one, make sure the materials you choose are of high quality and will stand there in any weather conditions. That’s why, it should also be neat and bright to serve you well whether in the sun, rain or snow. A sign board that is damaged or smudged may fail to convey your brand and could give a wrong impression about your business. If you don’t care about the thing your potential customers see first, they will think you don’t really care about your reputation.

The sign in front of your service will inevitably leave the impression on both current and potential customers so it’s up if it’s positive or negative. Next time you have a minute, go outdoors and look carefully at your sign. If you’re ready for a brand-new sign, Colorado Signs  will make sure that we not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we would love to learn more about the type of signage or graphics you are looking for.

Raising Attention From The Bottom To The Top

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Floor graphics as well as decals are usually a forgotten and underestimated location for raising enjoyment and interest at the majority of businesses. Floor decals are appealing and also very easy to implement. Get the most out of the extra floor space in your company, your following trade show or event to promote featured products, provide in-store instructions or boost engagement enhancing other displays.

Long lasting, even in the most highly trafficked areas, floor decals are simple to mount and remove making the floor the following area your organisation ought to discover to deliver your message to possible clients. They could be personalized for indoor or outdoor objectives, as well as stand up to tearing, extreme weather and scuffing. Think about a floor decal on the pathway outside your service to urge passersby to take a look inside.

Why Floor Decals?

People are constantly looking down at their phones– in fact, it is stated that Americans spend 4.7 hrs a day checking their phones. Knowing this fact, you can potentially benefit from their looking down and attract their attention in an extraordinary way. Put your brand name or your promo right in their view. Floor decals are a wise, versatile and economical signs solution for a range of purposes.

  • Guide visitors, workers and customers to different places such as washrooms, exits or entrances using arrowheads, footprints or other fun and creative forms.
  • Reach out to the target groups in the area with the highest foot traffic by putting a floor decal at the entrance that promotes an upcoming event / discount / other info.
  • Brighten up stairwells, parking lots, pathways as well as driveways– get their focus in places otherwise overlooked.
  • Stand out to particular products by placing floor decals on aisle floors– think seasonal product, new tastes or styles you want to advertise.

Whatever sector you remain in, floor decals could considerably upgrade your business’s look and boost understanding of products, solutions, and promos you are providing. The design can be simple or complex and include your logo, photos and even more.  Floor decals can be reduced into practically any type of size or shape which means they could be positioned anywhere you want without being obtrusive. Just think out of the box and implement any idea you want. Your imagination in developing a special floor decal could become the next huge point on social media if you ask clients to begin sharing their photos with your floor decal using your hashtag. Not exactly sure where to start with floor graphics? No problem! Our sign professionals are experienced with a range of businesses and also could supply innovative and practical concepts for your specific business, despite how small or big it is. Allow your creativity cut loose! Contact Colorado Signs & Wraps  today to learn even more about the best ways to make the most of free floor area with personalized floor graphics.

3M Certified Graphic Installation Company – Denver, CO

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3M Certification – Why it Matters.

3m-vinyl-installer-denver3M is a well known global science company that has transformed many industries.  Their team of scientists, researchers and developers have transformed the lives of people worldwide with their innovation and technology.

3M, well know for their vinyl films, have not only set forth  the highest quality product lines in the industry, but the highest quality of standards as well. To ensure these standards are met, 3M developed an extensive, in depth certification process that ensures the quality installation of a wrap. The 3M graphics certification process ensures company expertise and sets the benchmark for industry best practices.

Colorado Signs is a 3M certified graphics installation company. This certification is administered by both 3M and the United Applications Standards Group (YASG) and requires not only technical skills and knowledge of installation, but sound business requirements.

What does this mean for our customers?

This means that our customers are guaranteed that our company has undergone extensive education and training, and that they will be provided with the highest quality of work by trained and certified individuals.

We aim to stay at the top in our industry and separate ourselves as vinyl wrap professionals. We offer several services to meet the needs of our customers. Vinyl films are extremely versatile and can be applied on most surfaces. With the innovation and development of technology by companies like 3M, the applications of these durable films are endless.

Colorado Signs is full service sign and vinyl wrap company in Denver, offering graphic design, installation, commercial wraps, vehicle wraps, wall wraps, floor wraps, window wraps, Di-Noc architectural finishes, and business signage. We believe stay at the top of in our field, we must continue to provide the best in craftsmanship, business practices and service to our customers.

If you are seeking to find a 3M certified graphic installation company in Denver, choose Colorado Signs. You will be in expert hands.

If you have any questions or would like to request an estimate for your next project, please contact us.

Phone: 303.953.7264