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Creative Floor Decals For Your Business

Floor is one of the most underestimated locations for advertisements and marketing campaigns. While billboards, windows graphics and vehicle wraps can be seen everywhere, creative stickers and floor decals are not so usual and that’s why attract more intention. The main thing here is to use this advantage wisely. Here are a few ideas from Colorado Signs you could consider or call us and our designers will think of new opportunities to grow the number of your customers.

Intrigue Your Potential Customers

Footprints are usual, but effective way to make use of floor marketing to guide consumers to a certain location or item. Depending on how you look at it, there is something either happily poetic or mysterious about following a route. In any case, footprint floor graphics are highly engaging. If the first set goes unnoticed, the second or third will definitely get pedestrians asking themselves, “Where does that lead?”

An additional way in which floor graphics can involve your clients is by wonderfully carrying them to a location of your service. Use floor marketing to set the scene for an impressive getaway and let your customers’ creativities do the rest. Take into consideration floor sticker advertising ideas that use smart positioning and an element of escapism, specifically where there isn’t much else for your customers to be looking at. Waiting areas are the excellent location for your customers to ponder your floor stickers. Mass transit is another terrific location for a floor advertisements.

The 2D nature of a floor sticker does not hinder 3D effects. Making imaginative use perspective, a floor decal can look like if it were popping out at your consumers. Done appropriately, the result can be visually fantastic. Not to mention, floor advertisements can be extremely interesting. Bid farewell to the situation when customers are walking by your message without even noticing it. With innovative floor sticker advertising, your customers will certainly make a point to walk right through them.

Make People Want To Take A Picture

The strong trend of taking pictures of everything you see and sharing it through different social networks doesn’t seem to pass away. Along with the selfie, there is no denying that people commonly take photos of their feet. This is very little of a surprise given that their phones and interest tend to be pointed in that general direction to begin with, yet this trend does bode well for your floor sticker advertisements. A combination of brilliant placement and the right shoes for your customer can lead to plenty of likes and shares. Smart floor sticker ideas are ripe for sharing! Think about using floor decals that are very attractive as well as appealing, and it might be photographed and shared even further. This way, people will be promoting your service willingly, effectively and totally for free.

There are a lot of outstanding, yet expensive type of advertisements – from aerial banners to remarkable bill boards. But given that the typical consumer’s vision isn’t oriented upwards, these top-level advertising and marketing strategies may be on their way out. Floor advertising with decals makes creative use of the high traffic spaces we too often take for given. The floor we walk on might be the next great frontier for  your marketing campaign. Give us a call to find out more about floor decals!

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