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Beneficial Information on Commerical Vehicle Wraps

Box truck with custom vehicle wraps

Information that should be on Commercial Vehicle Wraps

The information printed on commercial vehicle wraps can be one of the best ways to attract new customers. A beautiful and effective design can not only catch the eyes of potential clients but also increase brand awareness. The use of vehicle wrap advertising as a promotional tool has grown exponentially in the past decades. One of the ways to ensure the effectiveness of the advertisement campaign is to pick the right graphics for a vehicle wrap design. Check out the tips below to make sure you are getting your money’s worth out of the commercial vehicle wrap.

Must-Have Information on a Commercial Vehicle Wrap

Use a logo

Always incorporate a logo or other graphic associated with the business in the commercial vehicle wrap design. A well-thought-out logo increases the chances of people remembering the business and will help them remember your company. The more often they see the logo, the more likely they will choose your business due to brand recognition.

Call to Action

If the goal of the commercial vehicle wrap is to get potential customers it contact you, a call to action is a must-have! Whether it is a phone number to call or an easy-to-remember email, be sure to list your call to action prominently on the vehicle.

Contact Information

In addition to the call to action, listing the companies contact information is a must-have on any commercial vehicle wrap. This may include any other phone numbers, the company’s address, website, and social media information where people can follow you.

Designing a Beautiful and Effective Commercial Vehicle Wrap

Once you have the basics of the vehicle wrap figured out (logo, call to action, and contact information), it is time to start focusing on the details to make the vehicle wrap stand out from the crowd.

Simple content is best

The message on the vehicle wrap should be short and concise. Make sure that any information that is on the wrap can be read and processed quickly since the people seeing it will likely be driving.

Pick a font that is legible

It is important to use fonts that easy to read. If your brand has fonts that are artistic, in cursive, or generally hard to read at a glance, this may be a good opportunity to incorporate different styles of font. The font size, style, color, and arrangement of text should all be in coordination with the look and feel of the brand, but also needs to be easy to read!

Choose the right colors

The color scheme used for advertising works wonders when creating an effective message. It should be eye-catching without being too over the top. The same can be said for the size of the font. Having a message that is written small can be effective but when it is written in a larger font, it can take away from the overall effect of the advertisement. Again, keeping it simple is beneficial in many ways. Using colors that are appealing to the eyes can help as well.

Make sure the designs are relevant

One important thing to remember when advertising through vehicle wraps is that the design should relate to the business. It should make customers want to learn more about the product. The design should give an idea about the company.

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The information on a commercial vehicle wrap can make all the difference when it comes to getting new customers!

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the information provided in the vehicle wrap is beneficial to the company and helps your customers find you. Using colors, graphics, and images that appeal to the target market can provide a positive effect on the advertising campaign. Colorado Signs & Wraps can work with you to design the perfect commercial vehicle wrap!


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