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Vehicle Wraps

How to Protect Your Vehicle Wrap

For many of us, a car is not just a vehicle or mean of transportation. This is also one of the first and most important assets a person gets which requires thorough maintenance and care. If you want to protect your car from scratches and other problems with its coverage – Colorado Signs knows the answer. A vinyl car wrap is a great alternative, especially compared to spending money on paint touch-ups. While paint can look wonderful at first, it is not a match to the unique and enduring appearance of a vinyl car wrap.

Protect Vehicle Paint

Car wraps offer lots of advantages, specifically to business owners, because they are a very cost-efficient method to brand as well as advertise a service. Among the main worries for cars and truck owners that are making use of vinyl wraps for advertising and marketing is causing damages to the vehicle’s paint. A correctly installed vinyl wrap will certainly not harm the factory paint beneath, but will rather protect the paint from sunlight, small scratches, and also dings from rocks and other particles.

How to Protect Your Vehicle Wrap

In order for a vinyl car wrap to function as it should, it has to be well maintained. Here are a few of the important things that can be done to protect a vehicle wrap and raise its lifespan:


Among the very best methods to properly look after a vinyl car wrap is to clean it regularly. All you have to do is simply get rid of the grime, dust, dirt, and other contaminants before they stick to  the vinyl covering. When cleaning a car wrap, it is best to wash it manually because making use of stiff brushes and powerful jet sprays can peel off or damage the wrap. Make sure to utilize a soft fabric to prevent scraping the wrap’s surface, as well as to utilize chemical and alcohol-free cleaning agents.


Wrapped vehicles can be waxed and polished in the same way as other car’s surface; however, it is necessary to keep in mind that the vinyl wrap can be easily damaged by abrasive polishes. If you have no idea just what sort of products you should use or avoid, Colorado Signs  will be glad to help you choose the ideal product to keep your car shiny.

Keeping Your Car In Shade

Sunlight exposure could speed up the deterioration of vinyl wraps. This suggests that it is always a good idea to keep your vehicle in shade or cover when it is not in use. If you do not have accessibility to an undercover car park area, think about covering the vehicle with a thick cloth that will serve as a barrier against the harsh sunlight, especially in summer.
Vehicle wraps are quite practical since your organization already uses a van, trailer or any other type of vehicle. Wraps are easy to take care of and don’t require big expenses. If you haven’t made up your mind yet – call our professionals to ask for advice.
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